Who doesn’t want a walk-in pantry storage cabinet? It’s like walking into a gigantic refrigerator, sans the cold temperature, with shelves upon shelves of fresh fruits, cereals, bread, chips, cookies,  beverages, condiments, baking ingredients and others  in bottles,… Continue reading

Would you use a home-made brew or the tried and tested Cabinet Magic for your kitchen cabinets?

A Mom’s Woe

If I had a choice I would have wanted to have those picture-perfect kitchens like those displayed in designer kitchen… Continue reading

I don’t have a broom cabinet.  I never thought I needed one.  I can always tuck my broom in the narrow gap between the refrigerator and the kitchen sink.  The dust pan?  I can always let… Continue reading

I have learned about the magic of beadboard cabinet doors in changing the look of my kitchen. I have always wanted to update the decor on my home and make sure that things are beautiful.  My house has plain… Continue reading

A corner kitchen cabinet is what my family needs since we moved from a big house to a small one. Transferring from one home to a new place is challenging and deciding what furniture to keep and sell is part… Continue reading

My best friend and I went shopping the other day and we saw a locking liquor cabinet. My husband and I drink on some special occasions. I have a growing teenage boy. My best friend recently had a fight with… Continue reading

My birthday wish is to have my dream oak file cabinet for my bedroom. My husband and I both love wooden furniture. I am a beauty blogger and I spend most of my time at my bedroom working during daytime.… Continue reading

My parents gave me a Pegasus medicine cabinet last week after I gave birth to a baby girl. They told me that as a new parent, I should always put my family’s safety first at all times.

Advantages Of A… Continue reading

A white storage cabinet is something that I want to buy for my dining room. My family and I will be expecting visitors this coming weekend. I want my guests to feel welcome upon entering the house. White furniture will… Continue reading

You have to get a Sauder storage cabinet if you want to keep things safely stored at home.  Sauder is already a byword when it comes to ready-to-assemble cabinets that can be used for as many purposes as you… Continue reading